10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Ditch the traditional socks + jocks and give Dad something special this Father’s Day.

Here’s that list:

1. Custom Face Cookie $59 The Confectionist. Place your order, send your photo and they’ll do the rest! Made in Melbourne and shipped Aus wide.

2. Custom Artwork by Cleverhand. Choose from a range of collages (from $129), hand painted words (from $49) and semi-custom prints (from $34.95). Custom artwork orders are opened for set windows so get in fast!

3. Secrid Slimwallet $99 on sale at LoveLuggage.com.au. This clever Dutch-designed wallet has a button that pushes the internal cards up for quick access. Available in a range of colours, finishes and sizes.

4. Alcoholic Kombucha Beatnik $75 for mixed 12 pk with free shipping across Australia. Low sugar, low carb, and packed full of flavour!

5. Negroni Cocktail Kit $59.99 The Cocktail Shop. This DIY kit contains gin, bitter aperitive, sweet vermouth and dried orange garnishes and will make 4 cocktails.

6. WACACO Minipresso NS Portable Coffee Machine $48 Catch Au Quotidien travelling dads who prefer their own brew. Compatible with Nespresso shaped pods. There’s also a grind model ($58 Catch) if capCatch Au Quotidienhing.

7. Bar-B-Chef Smoker Box $24.95 BBQs Galore. Lift his BBQ BBQs Galorehis cast iron smoke infusion box. You can also buy boxes of wooden discs to burn for specific smoke flavours (eg Whisky Oak $49.95 BBQs Galore)

8. Audio SunBBQs Galoree $299.95 in the Alto oBosendo Frames. Accept/reject calls, listen to music, access Siri or Google Assistant and protect your eyes from the sun. These frames have miniature inbuilt Bose speakers that point sBose to you and away from everyone else, plus they have shatter + scratch resistant lenses. Check out #boseframes to see everyday people wearing these glasses.

9. Personalised Children’s Book Penwizard from $31.99. MakPenwizardime extra special by included him in your favourite kid’s books as a custom character.

10. Monogrammed Stationery The Daily Edited. PicturedThe Daily Edited Notebook $59.95


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