2020 Themed Tree Ornaments

I think what I love most about Christmas is the traditions and magic that we create for our kids. These are definitely the things I remember most about my own childhood - like going to the Christmas tree farm and picking our tree; the special boxes that held the once-a-year tree decorations and the ritual of leaving Santa a beer in a special knitted Christmas stubby holder the night before Christmas 🤣

I wanted to start a new tradition in our house - creating a special tree ornament each year that best reflects the theme of that year. I’m pretty OTT about the tree decorations all matching, but I do remember as a child that half of the joy of decorating the tree came from all of the unique ornaments and remembering all of the stories behind them. So - even if they’re shoved low down on the tree 🤭 - I’ll be adding some special ones each year.

Pretty sure 2019 me would be mortified to have a toilet roll hanging off the tree, but it really has been the symbol of 2020. New lows were reached this year 😅

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