3 Clothes Storage Hacks

If organising your cupboards gives you a perverse sense of satisfaction, then you’re in the right place. Here I’ll show you 3 simple clothes storage hacks I use that make my life a little easier 🙏🏻


Vertical Stacking sing a Sign Holder

I love this twist on vertical stacking, especially for the kids’ drawers 👌🏻
Have you tried the Marie Kondo method of folding and vertical stacking your clothes? It absolutely makes it easier to see everything in your drawers; to easily select clothing and to keep your drawers really tidy. BUT one thing I’ve found incredibly frustrating is keeping the vertically stacked clothes from falling over 😩 Some people suggest that the folding method can be tweaked to allow the folded item to stand by itself but, like most people, I just don’t have time (or inclination) to elaborately re-fold things and test their vertical stability - that would definitely not spark joy for me 🤣

So I started to wonder how I could easily keep my stacked clothes from falling over. I knew I needed something to prop the clothes up but I didn’t want that something to be visible or bulky.

That’s how I came up with these little gems. You simply slide a perspex sign holder under your row of folded clothes and the foot of the holder props up the last item in your stack (swipe for more pics and check out my story to see this in action). These holders come in lots of sizes, but I found A5 works best in terms of drawer depth. Also, they’re clear and slimline, so you can’t see them propping up your folded clothes. As you take more clothes away, you push the perspex display into the stack so it continues to support it.


  • A5 Slanted Sign Holder (Portrait) $7.98 each or $7.28 bulk price (3 units or more) Officeworks. You need one per row of stacked clothes. It’s a small investment for a hugely helpful tool.



Magic clothes hanger

This is a really handy one for saving space in your wardrobe. You can fit up to 12 items on one magic hanger, which can sit horizontally across your cupboard hanger bar or vertically to maximise space.


  • Wardrobe Magic Steel Hanger 2pk Bunnings Warehouse Australia $5 (on sale)



Hand-me-down / sentimental storage system

This is one I’ve been doing since Lachy was little and I found it so helpful when we had Ted.

Everyone knows vacuum bags are great for storing clothes compactly. But the best thing for me has been using them in a hand-me-down system for the kids. Once Lachy moved up in clothing by a few sizes (usually 2) I would go through his clothes and create 3 piles:

  1. Donate to charity
  2. Keep for a sibling
  3. Turn to rags (eg for furniture waxing) or throw away (is not good enough for charity)

Anything that fell into pile 2 (“keep for a sibling”) I would vacuum bag up and label with the size and detail the contents - or sometimes just the size. I still continue this system (even for shoes!)

When Ted came along, it was so easy to set up his wardrobe. I just pulled out the bag for Newborns and then added new pieces on top of the hand-me-downs. I’ve continued this throughout his young life.

Hand-me-downs may get a bad rap, but in any child’s wardrobe there are absolutely items that can be passed down to younger siblings. This system is super easy to maintain and gets rid of the drawer clutter with old sizing taking up space.

If you don’t plan on having more children, you can use this system to store items for family or even just for treasured keepsake items.


  • Vacuum Storage Bags. I originally purchased mine from Kogan.com several years ago. You can buy several different sizes so the price varies. I decided to renew my bags this year and purchased the 10pack Of Flexi Storage Bags (mixed sizes) $39.98 from Bunnings Warehouse Australia. I have to say that the Kogan ones are much better - I’ve found the Bunnings bags don’t compress as well and also don’t retain the compression. I would definitely recommend the Kogan.com bags 👌🏻


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