8 Great Children's Furniture Items

Kids Furniture

Kids come with a lot of stuff: toys, furniture, books, games, arts + crafts. Even when you’ve got a designated space like a playroom (an absolute luxury!) these things have the tendency to creep out and take over other parts of the house 🙈
For this reason, I think the biggest pieces (furniture) should be practical but also stylish enough to be able to sit smack bang in the middle of your living space if needed. Big ticks for anything that can be folded down or be used for multiple purposes 🙌🏻

Here’s that list:
1. This is actually two pieces that work together 🙌🏻 The first is the MOOV Baby Pikler Folding Triangle $295 Oskar's Wooden Ark. An expensive but worthwhile purchase, plus it folds up for easy storage. It’s not just for toddlers - it’s also great for bigger kids. It’s a climbing frame, a base for a slide or bridge and a cubby house (just throw a blanket over the top.
The second is the MOOV Baby Climbing Ramp Slide $140. Attach to your triangle to make a slide, ramp (for cars and trucks), bridge or balance beam (joined to another raised side).

2. Henley Teepee - Natural $69.95 Mocka - Australia. Great for inside play or bring it outside on a sunny day for “camping”. Collapses for easy storage.

3. Learning Tower/Toddler Chef Stool - $197 Hubby Made. Allows your toddler to stand safely beside you while you prepare meals. Great for their learning, plus it allows you to get stuff done!

4. Josef Sling Bookshelf $89.95 @hipkidspics. Neatly display books - a great visual tool for kids to choose their own books.

5. Playhouse with Reversible Chalk Board Table $199.95 or $249.95 with two chairs included @hipkidspics. Versatile, practical and really cute.

6. DUKTIG Play Kitchen $129 Ikea_Australia. A role play essential, which can be given a little refurb on the backside to create a shop. Check out my post from October last year sharing the how-to 👌🏻

7. Bucket Chair $19 Kmart Australia. The perfect size for young toddlers through to bigger kids.

8. FLISAT Table $99 Ikea_Australia. This humble table is so versatile! Check out my project from February this year, where I share 4 DIY hacks for this table 👌🏻


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