8 Great Gifts for 1 Year Olds

Even with kids of my own, I sometimes panic trying to work out what to buy other kids for birthdays that’s age-appropriate and they’ll like. So I developed a bit of a go-to list of presents I like to give my own friends and family - gifts that are that are unisex, under $50 and guaranteed winners. Many are also really practical, which is a win for parents 🙌🏻


Here’s that list!

1. Personalised Bento Lunch Boxes Stuck On You. Mini Bento $34.95, Large Bento $49.95. Customise with the child’s name on a range of gorgeous designs. This gift is really handy for the age & stage of exploring food.

2. Scuttlebug Bike now at Kmart Australia for only $20 (RRP $59.95). It’s such a great little bike for early balance and mobility but the again best thing is that it’s compact! The bike folds down to about the size of a skateboard, so you can throw it in your backpack when you go out/on holiday. Or throw it in the cupboard if you’ve got limited space at home 🙌🏻

3. Subo Food Subo Productsoducts $29.95. This is a no mess, no squeeze reusable bottle designed to replace single use food pouches. Check out my story to see how it works👆🏻

4. Happy Little People - The Second Year $35 Invite Me. This is a gorgeous deck of cards with 52 activities designed to fill your day with inspiring play - suitable for babies 12 - 24 months.

5. Personalised Name Puzzle $35 Tinyme. This includes a felt storage bag, or you can purchase a wooden storage box for an extra $15

6. Studio Slinky 12 Stackable Playon Crayons $11 Amazon.com.au. Easy to grip and fun to stack - a great first crayon.

7. BUSA Play Tunnel $24.99 and BUSA Children’s Tent Ikea_Australia. Kids love these and they can be used for years. But the best part is that they fold down for easy and very compact storage! Don’t believe me? Check out my story 👆🏻❤️

8. Aaron Blabey Picture Books, currently on sale ALDI Australia for $5.99 each (RRP $16.99 each) Pro Tip: Grab a handful and keep them in your cupboard for gifting throughout the year 🙌🏻 It’s never to early for these books to be part of the home collection.


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