DIY Artifical Half Wreath

I love the simplicity of half wreaths. I’ve made this one using artificial flowers and foliage - lots of natives including eucalyptus and large protea flower (someone may need to correct me here - not sure if that’s the right name 🙃)

I’ve found that artificial wreaths can be either really expensive or cheap and a bit daggy. Artificial flowers can be expensive, so this wreath wasn’t as cheap as I’d thought it would be - coming in at about $65. But it’s something you can keep using each year at Christmas ❤️


  • Arbee 300mm Steel Gold Ring $7.50 Spotlight Stores
  • Vivaldi Floral Stem Wire 18 Gauge Green $4.25 Spotlight Stores
  • A range of flowers and foliage from Spotlight Stores (2 x eucalyptus spray $12 each, seeded eucalyptus spray $14.99, large protea flower from my local craft store $8.99, a few pieces out of a Kmart Australia posy $5). The gum nuts were actually from our tree outside, but you can also buy the artificial ones Spotlight Stores too.

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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