DIY Baby Gift Hamper

This is a more traditional take on the diy jar hampers I made late last year (check out my post from Christmas👇🏻)

While convenient, online hampers for new babies can be expensive and not altogether useful for the mum (I mean, there’s only so many soft toys you actually need 🤣)

For the same amount of money (or less), you can put together a thoughtful and practical little hamper without a great deal of effort/running around. In fact, everything in this box came from the one store.

What should a good hamper have in it? It’s up to you, but I generally aim for:

  • • A voucher for something practical (eg for meal delivery, a one-off house clean or Netflix)
  • • Something pampering for mum (eg skin care, chocolate)
  • • Something special for baby (eg a book, a wooden toy, muslin cloth)
  • • Something small for an older sibling (if there is one) wrapped separately so it’s special for them (eg activity book with stickers to also keep them occupied)
  • Clothing for bub is great but they do tend to get given a lot of clothes. So a good option is to give clothing in a larger size for when they’re a bit older (eg. size 1). Often they get so many newborn sized clothes they never get to wear them all, so the larger clothing is great - really handy when they suddenly grow and you have something special you’ve been given set aside & ready to go.

Here’s a little pack I put together for my friend who recently had a bub.

Everything in this hamper (including the box itself) was purchased from Kmart Australia 👌🏻

From Kmart Australia:

  • A4 Storage Box $5. Note - I made the sticker myself on my Cricut, but I’ve created a few alternative options for you in my story 👆🏻because I know most people don’t have a Cricut
  • Large Muslin Wraps (Bears) 2pk $10
  • Wooden Age Blocks $8
  • Garnier Hydra Bomb Face Mask $5
  • Sukin Rosehip Oil $17.95
  • Uber Eats Voucher $50
  • 'All The Ways To Be Smart’ by Davina Bell book $15
  • Finger Grip Phone Stand (Marble) $2.25 - handy for mum with full hands.


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