DIY Birthday Magnets

My husband is terrible for remembering birthdays. The only reason he remembers mine each year is because (like Christmas) I start reminding him it’s coming approximately 4 months from the actual date 😎 In his defence, he doesn’t have Facebook to remind him (or any other social media #bitweird #perpetuallylivingin2003). So it’s generally up to me to remember birthdays and important dates for our family and friends.

I wanted to create a system that would make it easy to see upcoming birthdays - plus plan for gifts or record anything important (ages, occasions etc). This is really handy with such a growing number of kids in our family and our broader friendship group (Facebook doesn’t tell you these dates!)

So I created these handy birthday magnets - BUT I added an extra twist. I’ve made the left side (the “birthday” side) paper-based to act as a permanent (non-erasable) record and the right side (the “notes” side) a whiteboard side for erasing once the note is no longer relevant. It’s the best of box worlds: calendar and whiteboard. But if you’re worried about wanting to remove birthdays you no longer want/need to remember, you can make the whole magnet erasable.

The “whiteboard” section is handy for gift planning. Throughout the year, I’ll often come across gift ideas that I know will be perfect for a particular person. Now I can write this next to that person’s name in advance - so when it’s time to display that magnet I’ll have an idea ready to go.

Plus, the magnets aren’t so annoyingly big that they take up precious real estate on your fridge 🙌🏻

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