DIY Cane Sideboad Makeover

You know that feeling when you decide to do the house painting yourself and the first five minutes with the paint roller you’re all “ooh this is fun!! Painting is therapeutic!” And then not long after you remember that painting is bloody awful and you wish you hadn’t started but there’s no turning back? Well, sanding a piece of furniture is 1000% that feeling.

I bought this 2+ metre beauty off Gumtree Australia a few weeks ago for $150 👏🏻👏🏻 After trawling through dozens of ads, this sideboard stood out; under that burgundy veneer it looked like it had potential.


  • Cabinet, sideboard or buffet with potential for refurbishment. Search on Gumtree Australia and eBay. Negotiate on price where possible.
  • Electric Sander. I used a Ryobi Palm Sander. We already had one, but you can buy them for $79.99 at Bunnings Warehouse Australia or rent one.
  • Sandpaper for the sander. Start with a medium grit (80 grit) then increase or decrease to suit.
  • Cane webbing. I purchased mine from Camberwell Cane. They were really helpful! It was $75 per metre for the webbing I chose - I needed 2m because of the number of panels.
  • Handles. I initially wanted wood but found it impossible to colour match - plus the wood handles were really expensive. I settled on matte black to match our dining chairs - these were $9.50 for a 4 pack at Bunnings Warehouse Australia.
  • Electric staple gun to attach the cane webbing. This is something I already had, but you can buy them with staples included for $59.90 Bunnings Warehouse Australia.
  • Aussie Furniture Care Clear Furniture Wax Polish $21.95 Catch. This leaves a really nice natural finish, instead of painting it with a clear veneer which can change the look and feel of the cabinet.


The total cost for the unit plus the refurb was $350 - a whole lot cheaper than the $1,100 one I’ve been eyeing off. Happy days! 🙌🏻💃🏼


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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