DIY Day Planner for Young Kids

This one’s for you if you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to get a bit of structure into your day with young kids at home. 2020 has mostly involved no kindy, no daycare, no play dates and no playground visits in our house and sweet baby Jesus it’s been a long year. Trying to achieve anything - let alone work - is next to impossible. The only solid schedule at our place for several weeks was a glass of wine starting at 5pm (OK, 4pm 😳🤣)

So I did a bunch of searching online to find a way to put some structure our day, without making it so prescriptive that it would make it impossible/too overwhelming to maintain. I also wanted it to be a visual tool for Lachy (my kindy babe) to help him to see the day in pictures and simple words, plus give him some input into the planning. Ted can also identify a few of the things on the cards. Like everyone else, we’re just trying to get through this period as best we can. One thing I do know with certainty: once this is over I could never home school my kids!

Enter the ‘Daily Task Cards’. These cards aren’t my creation - these are FREE printables available online at Natural Beach Living. There are dozens of cards to choose from, plus I created a handful more to suit our house (tablet time, anyone? 🤣) You pick out your cards for the day, hang them in the order of your routine and take them down as you complete them. I’ve created a little pouch system to go with them that you may find useful - it’s worked really well for us.


  • Daily Task Cards - free downloadable printables from Natural Beach Living. I also made some extra cards using free downloadable images from Vecteezy. Download my additional cards here.
  • I got the cards printed and matte laminated on 200gsm paper at Officeworks (including the extras I made). I cut them myself but Officeworks will also do this for you ❤️
  • Wooden Pegs 48pk $2.10 Coles
  • Hanging Storage Pom Pom x 2 $6 each Kmart Australia. This particular colour not currently stocked online, however you can buy the pink one or the black galaxy one as an alternative.
  • Command 3M 2.2kg Hook (removable) $4.50 x 2 at Kmart
  • White thread and needle (optional)
  • 60cm piece of dowel or bullnose architrave (optional) from Bunnings.

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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