DIY Dinosaur Theme

Dino Cake 1

I thought the dino phase would be short lived in our house - but 2 years, 579 dino toys and 2 dino-themed birthday parties later - it’s clearly not going away.
Here’s a little walk down memory lane, sharing some of the dino party food from Lachy’s 3rd & 4th birthday parties.
Starting with “The T-Rex Cake That Nearly Broke Me”.


  • 6 x Coles sponge cakes $5 each
  • 2 x Coles Madeira cakes $2.50 each (only because I bought all of the available sponge cakes 🤷🏼‍♀️ )
  • Enough homemade buttercream icing to possibly give 24 kids and their parents diabetes 😳
  • Green food colouring
  • 5 years of my life
  • Black, red and white Coles fondant
  • Queen icing (black)
  • Extreme willpower not to give up and start drinking instead.
Dino Cake 2 
This was Lachy’s dino cake the year before: a Dino excavation 🦖


  • A rectangular cake (I baked a butter cake but you could bake or buy any kind)
  • Buttercream icing with cocoa added (chocolate buttercream) to make ‘mud’ (recipe in ‘party’ highlight 👆🏻)
  • 2 x packets Malt biscuits (or any plain biscuit from Coles
  • Queen Ready to Roll Fondant $4. I used this to make the dinosaur skeleton. I found a skeleton drawing online and shaped each of the bones to match this, but you could always just add a plastic dino skeleton.
  • Duplo palaeontologists x 3. These were REALLY hard to find. I ended up buying Dupli safari men on eBay as they looked like little palaeontologists. Cost $20.
  • Lego accessories (shovels, picks, tools) $8.90 for set of 50 on eBay.

Cut a little bit of cake out of the centre to create a cavity for your Dino. Cover your cake in chocolate buttercream (‘mud’). Place your dinosaur skeleton in the cavity. Sprinkle biscuit ‘sand’ around the dinosaur. Add your little Duplo characters. ✔️

Dino Party Food


  • Fru - T-Rex (carved watermelon dino head filled with fruit)
  • Dino Bones (pretzels dipped in white chocolate)
  • Dino Dirt (White Wings Chocolate Mousse Dessert Mix $3 x 2 from Coles topped with Chocolate Ripple biscuits that have been blitzed in a food processor to make crumbs. I also put crumbs at the bottom. I melted milk chocolate and poured it into a Make Your Own Dino Plaster Set $3 from Kmart Australia to make the choc dinos. I added plastic toy trees)
  • Chalkboard signage is from Kmart Australia
  • Not pictured: pizza scroll ‘Ammonite Fossils’.


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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