DIy Easter Wreath

I’ve been thinking about nestï Easter projects since I first saw hot cross buns in the supermarket... in January 🤣😳 With just under 5 weeks to go, I’ve got a few little Easter ideas for you, starting with this wreath. I saw a beautiful one on Pinterest with speckled eggs (by Temperance Rose), which influenced the making of this one ❤️


From Spotlight Stores:

  • Francheville Willow 40cm Wreath Natural $14 (on sale til Wed)
  • Wood Wool 50g $3.50 (on sale til Wed)
  • Moss Ribbon Sheet 6cm $11.20 (on sale til Wed)
  • 16pce Deco Foam Egg Pack $5.25 (on sale til Wed)
  • Vivaldi Floral Stem Wire $2.97 (on sale til Wed)
  • Semco Basic Acrylic Paint (Brown, Blue, White) $2.97 each (on sale til Wed)
  • Shamrock Feathers Natural $2
  • Offray Grosgrain Ribbon 15mm (Olive/Dark Brown) $4.90 (on sale til Wed)
  • Offray Single Faced Satin Ribbon 22mm (Moss) $4.90 (on sale til Wed)
  • A sample-size (500mL) pot of white acrylic paint. I had a British Paints one in the cupboard already but prefer Taubmans Australia. The British Paints one is $8.50 Bunnings Warehouse Australia- ask at the paint counter.
  • Paintbrushes: flat and medium width x 2 (check them out in my story 👆🏻)
  • Glue gun and glue gun sticks
  • Paperclip (to hang your wreath)
  • I used foam to stick the wired eggs into to dry, but you could use a pot with soil


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

Click/swipe through the reel for the "how-to":