DIY Fillable Advent Calendars

Fillable calendars are great, but can be another burdensome item on the Christmas to-do list when thinking about the contents (on top of all of the other shopping 😩). So I try to keep it really simple and choose items that can be broken up across the entire calendar.

This year, I’ve changed the boys’ calendars to the Target Australia Natural Nostalgia Mini Stocking Calendar ($25). The compartments are more generous, which is handy because last year I struggled to fit things in the little drawers of our old calendar. This Mini Stocking Calendar can hang or stand against a wall (the hanging option is great to keep little hands out).

I like the whole Nordic/natural look of the calendar but I decided to tie on some colourful mini pom-poms from Kmart Australia ($3 for 20pk) for a pop of colour. I also added a white wooden letter (L & T) for each of their names - also from Kmart Australia $1.75 each.


For Ted (1yo) - definitely doesn’t need a calendar but everything has to be the same in our house 🤣

  • Alphabet Puzzle 26 pieces Kmart Australia $8.50
For Lachy (4yo)
  • Elite Force Mini Collectables 20pk Kmart Australia (like Lego figurines with different characters)
  • Balloons
  • Stickers
  • Bubbles 8pk Mini Wands Kmart Australia $2
  • Milk Chocolate Santa Balls Kmart Australia $1

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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