DIY Flora Baubles

Confession time: I am a crazy Christmas person. Whenever there’s a meme about people putting their decorations up in September, I’m tagged in it by about 15 different people. I’ve never actually put my tree up before the first week of December..not for any great philosophical reason; just because we always get a real tree and it looks like a toilet brush any longer than 2 weeks on display. But I love all things Christmas

But this year is our first year with a fake tree 😵 I‘ve resisted getting a fake tree for a long time - as kids we always drove to the Christmas Tree Farm and picked out a tree. The smell is so quintessentially Christmas to me that a fake tree seems almost sacrilegious.

BUT in our new place the Christmas tree spot is in a very hot corner of the living room - surrounded by glass windows in an unforgiving Australian summer. Last year, our real Christmas tree was brown and totally fried within 5 days 😩
So in late January this year - in a very sleep deprived state - I went on a post-baby-3am-online-shopping-bonanza and bought an almost 9ft artificial Christmas tree (it WAS on sale), complete with tree collar and tree-scented oil and oil diffuser 😳 The result: I pretty much need to display the Christmas tree every day for the next 25 years to convince my husband it was a worthy investment 👌🏻

Anyway, this has meant planning for many more tree decorations (9 feet worth 😳😳😳). I wanted to do this on a budget (read: I had to do it on a budget 🤣) but I didn’t want it to look naff.

This week I’ll be sharing a bunch of DIY Christmas tree decorations that are easy and budget friendly ❤️

So, first up: flora baubles!

Cost: $2.35 per bauble
Time: 5 mins

From Spotlight:

  • 2 x Jolly & Joy fillable baubles 9cm 4pk $3.50/pk
  • 1 x Eucalyptus Spray 25.5cm $9.60


  • Ribbon to hang the bauble: $2 from craft store


  • Snip off some of the leaves and berries and place in bauble. Close. Thread with ribbon. Done!


  • You can use real dried flowers/leaves. I’ve also filled some with dried statice flowers (the purple ones) from our garden.

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

Click/swipe through the reel for the "how-to":