DIY Fridge Organisation

Sorting your fridge out is seriously satisfying - whether you want to reduce waste, save money or even just feel like there’s a bit of order in the house amongst the chaos.

I spent a lot of time planning and working out the best ways to store our food to get the longest life out of it. Plus I wanted to reduce our single use plastic waste - things like cling wrap and those little squeezy yoghurts. I reckon we could’ve flown to Europe with the amount of money we spend on those Tamar Valley yoghurts every week 😳

Your fridge has to be functional for your family. Pretty labels look great but you’ve got to be willing to maintain it. Don’t set yourself up for failure with a system that’s too high-maintenance. Pre-chopping all your veggies? Not for me! Ain’t nobody got time for that! (OK, well maybe some people who are way more organised than me 🤷🏼‍♀️)


  • VentSmart MegaSet $249 Tupperware Australia. Ok so this is a LOT to spend on containers. But I did lots of research on keeping your fruit & veg fresh for as long as possible. All roads led back to these containers. I’ve never bought Tupperware before and was skeptical about the VentSmart claims, not to mention the price. So bought a small set to trial ($79) first before committing to the big spend. I was impressed - I found that I got an extra week and sometimes two out of my fruit and veg. Check out my story to see more about how they work, plus a pic of the mushrooms after 16 days in storage.
  • Stackable Wine Bottle Holder $4 each Kmart Australia
  • Clear Can Holder $5 Kmart Australia
  • Handled Fridge Basket $7 Kmart Australia
  • Silicone Eco-Friendly Zip Bags 8pk $29 from
  • Subo Bottle (used instead of kids’ yoghurt squeezies - see my ‘storage’ highlight👆🏻) $29.99 each
  • Decor MicroSafe 900mL Oblong Containers for reheating food, $3.75 on sale right now Spotlight.


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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