DIY Gift Hamper

When making a hamper, I always try to find something to hold the items that will be  attractive + useful enough to reuse at home. Last year I made hampers using large glass jars from IKEA (scroll back to last Christmas). This year I’m using the IKEA SMARRA cane box - better still you can make two hampers from the one box. I think these would make a really cute little hallway bowl (keys, sunglasses, mail etc) or even to hold fruit.

These ones are for Lachy’s kindy teachers. I wanted to make them summery and simple.

When making a hamper, I try to work out what the recipient might want. What would I want if I was a teacher? Definitely alcohol 😅😬 So clearly I’m catering to my own tastes here, but the centrepiece of the hamper is a bottle of Prosecco.

I’ve also added an “ideas + plans” journal, a nice pen, coffee scrub, a skincare mask, a few chocolates and some hand/surface sanitiser.

I used a tea towel on the bottom of the hamper to make it easier to position everything.

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