DIY Hand Casting

Hand casting is brilliant for lots of things: whether it’s to capture your children’s hands to remember just how small they once were; or to mark a special occasion like an engagement or wedding. You could even cast your own hand to hold your rings. You can cast hands several together (eg holding hands, or an entire family) and the best part is that you can see all of the little things that make the hand unique to that person - rings, fingernails, creases, prints and cuticles. For some people this is creepy, but I love it ❤️

I’ve wanted to do this project for so long, but I was worried it would be a nightmare with Ted being so little. I was right 🤣 Well, not entirely. The process is simple enough - the hard part was trying to negotiate with a 19 month old to keep his hands relatively still and (most importantly) inside the bucket for 2 whole minutes 😩 The process for babies under 1 is much easier as you use a plastic bag rather than bucket, and it’s OK if they wiggle a bit. But I think trying with a toddler was...ambitious 🤣 However they turned out well in the end (excluding my attempt at a cast of the boys holding hands together - check out my story for that fail 👆🏻😬)


  • Hand casting kit, which includes a bucket (or plastic bags for babies under 1), alginate powder (to create the mould) and casting stone powder (to create the hand).

I purchased my kits from Crystal Keepsakes Head Office on eBay. You can also shop directly on their website. They have a huge range of casting products and provided detailed instructions in the kits with lots of helpful tips. Plus they provided SUPER fast delivery 🙌🏻 The children’s kits I used are suitable for kids 1 - 10 years and can cast up to two hands together - $32.50 per kit. The adult kits are slightly larger and can cast up to two adult sized hands - $39.95 per kit. A family kit is $85 and can cast up to 6 hands. There’s also a range of infant kits for babies under 1. And if casting your entire face is your jam, well, you can buy one of those kits too for $49.95

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