DIY Jack-O-Lantern

2020 has already delivered 294 days of Halloween, so it’ll be much harder to spook anyone at the end of this month 👻

As I sat carving this pumpkin for over 5 hours (yes, that’s right - 5 hours - on something that will last 2 days) I realised I had reached peak ISO insanity #SENDHALP

Pumpkin carving isn’t really a thing here in Australia - in fact, this is my first time carving one, much to the horror of our beautiful Canadian neighbours! So I spent countless ours trawling over American blogs and nagging my American friends trying to work it out.

First off, let me tell you that American movies LIED to us. Those beautifully symmetrical blemish free pumpkins? Yeh, they don’t exist 😅 I learned this the hard way when I spent the better part of 20 minutes INSIDE the giant box of Halloween pumpkins at Coles, meticulously examining them for defects like an absolute loon (it was 8am - I got some looks 😳)

So hats off to you Americans and Canadians for your amazing pumpkin carving skills! Next year I’ll be plopping a plastic one out front 😂🙌🏻


Even though Halloween is only 1.5 weeks away, I’ve carved these super early! Carve no more than 3 days before Halloween - less if it’s hot! You can buy them days (even weeks) in advance, but once they’re cut they won’t keep. 


  • Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins from Coles or Woolworths - price is per kilo
  • Long sharp knife
  • Large metal spoon or ice cream scoop. I had a metal measuring cup without a handle which was perfect for this

For the actual carving, you just need to use anything sharp. I used:



S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

Click/swipe through the reel for the "how-to":