DIY Jar Gift Hamper

Gift hampers can be expensive and often contain “filler” products to bulk them out. I love the idea of gifting several smaller, personalised items packaged in something that is both beautiful and practical. These glass canisters are perfect for this!

These mini hampers would also be great as a care packages (new mums, someone with an illness, just because).


  • 365+ Jar with Lid 1.7 L $8.99 Ikea_Australia
  • Shimmer Twine $6 for 6pk Kmart Australia
  • Kraft Parcel Tags $3 for 30 pk Kmart Australia
  • Alphabet Stickers $3 Kmart Australia
  • White tissue paper $2 at craft store
  • I put a little branch with gumnuts and leaves inside for additional decoration


The world is your oyster! At 17 cm high and 14 cm wide, you can fit quite a bit in these jars. Mine were made for Lachy’s kindy teachers, so there were some items specific to them (ie the Thankyou Hand and Surface Sanister $4.95). I love the Thankyou product range - they commit 100% of their profits to helping people in need. Plus, the products are gorgeous ❤️

What you put inside really depends on the recipient and the purpose of the gift. But here are a few simple suggestions: 

  • Thankyou Hand Cream $6.50
  • Thankyou Soap Bar $5.50
  • Thankyou Bath and Body Oil $14.95
  • Thankyou Coffee Scrub $14.95 (or make your own, see one of my first ever posts for the recipe)
  • Mini alcohol bottles $5 - $10. I put Hendricks and another gin in my mini hampers. I wanted to fit a piccolo of Prosecco but it was too tall for the jar. There are taller jars in the Ikea 365+ range.
  • Chocolates
  • Homemade salted caramels (see recipe in my recent posts)
  • Gift vouchers

Happy gifting!




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