DIY Kids Travel Packs

Travelling with kids. It’s a necessary evil to get to your holiday destination and it’s almost always guaranteed to shave 7 years off your life. I’m certainly not an expert - but I’ve had enough hellish experiences to share a handful of tips we’ve picked up along the way. I’ve also been given some tips from my amazing bestie Claire (Twinkle Tots Dubai) who has already travelled over 140,000 km by plane with her 3 year old and 1 year old (that’s the equivalent of 3.5 loops around the world 😵) Check out my story/highlight for these tips ❤️👆🏻

The number one tip is to have a bag full of distractions to keep the kids entertained - a “kids travel pack”. The longer the trip, the more distractions needed.


  • Drawstring bag - $2 from Kmart Australia. There are 10 cute designs to choose from + can be used as beach or pool bags too.
  • Games, toys and activities to fill the bags (see below)
  • I cut out a letter sticker on permanent vinyl on my Cricut - The Official Page! but you could use a heavy duty sticker

In Lachy’s bag (4.5 yo):

  • Magnifying glass $2 at my local $2+ shop (also good for the holiday - inspecting shells at the beach)
  • Pocket Morpher $3 Kmart Australia (like a transformer)
  • Wooden Memory Game $4 Kmart Australia
  • Pick Up Sticks $5 Kmart Australia
  • Shaking Pen & Pad $5 Kmart Australia
  • Interactive Pet (Tamagotchi) $5 Kmart Australia
  • Magic Ink Colour In Pad $4 Kmart Australia
  • Paw Patrol Water Ring Game $3 at my local $2+ shop
  • Musical Memory Game $5 Kmart Australia
  • Who Am I? game $5 Kmart Australia

In Teddy’s bag (15 months):

  • Bendy stick with plastic tokens (from Claire)
  • Wooden Animals Threading Set $5 Kmart Australia (I got Lachy to do the threading and Ted played with the end result)
  • Magic Ink Colour in Pad $4 Kmart Australia
  • Animal Puzzle $2 Kmart Australia
  • Wooden Animal Puzzle Blocks $3 Kmart Australia
  • Wooden Animal Book $1.50 Kmart Australia
  • Wooden toothpicks (coloured with no sharp edges, just from a craft store) in a spice shaker. This clever idea was from Claire - you get the kids to push the toothpicks through the shaker holes. This is great for developing fine motor skills + is a good time-killer.

Kids Travel Pack


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