DIY Lego Cake

Sweet Lord - I thought I was done making my kids’ birthday cakes after “The T-Rex Cake That Nearly Broke Me” and “The Teddy Bear Cake That Was A Bit Like Childbirth”. But once again, I got fondant fever and decided to shave another 5 years off my life expectancy

I bring you “The Lego Cake That Was More Painful Than Stepping On Lego”.

From Coles:

  • Coles Double Sponge Cake x 4, $5 each
  • Coles Ready To Roll Icing Yellow $3.50
  • Coles Ready To Roll Icing Black $3.50
  • Coles Ready To Roll Icing Red $3.50
  • Orchard Ready To Roll Icing White $4.50
  • Queen’s Rainbow Food Colouring (Yellow) $3.20
  • Queen’s Designer Icing Black $4

From Spotlight:

  • Fondtastic Blue Fondant Mini Tub $11
  • Fondtastic Brown Fondant Mini Tub $11
  • Green food colouring

I changed his face after we cut some to eat - just shifted his eyebrows up and swapped the mouth! Worth it to see the look on Lachy’s face 😳🤣


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

Click/swipe through the reel for the "how-to":