DIY Marbled Baubles

Maybe the fastest and easiest Christmas tree decoration I’ve made so far 🙌🏻
These beauties are simply dipped in nail polish (yes, nail polish!) that’s been poured on top of water and swirled with a skewer 👏🏻👏🏻

I recently saw this done with planter pots on the amazing Oh Joy blog and thought it would be perfect for Christmas tree baubles ❤️


  • Ceramic Baubles from Teacher Superstore $25 for 10pk. Note: these are glazed (slightly shiny) - I’m not sure how you’d go using unfinished ceramic like the ones I painted recently for my geo baubles.
  • Nail polish in your chosen colours. I bought 4 colours at $2 each from Kmart Australia ❤️
  • Bamboo skewers for swirling
  • A disposable container, bucket or tray. You could use an aluminium foil tray.
  • Fill your disposable container with room temperature water (not too cold or it will make the polish set too fast)
  • Gently pour your nail polish on the surface of the water. Swirl with the tip of your skewer to mix the colours - don’t be too fussy as you’ll need to work fast before it dries. Gaps between colours will create more white space on your bauble.
  • Dip your baubles into the water. The polish will cling to the bauble wherever it is dipped. I hung three baubles on a rod (you could hang them off a wooden spoon) and dipped them together to save time. Hang the rod between two objects to allow the baubles to dry. They’ll need 30 mins to be fully dry.
  • Using your skewer, collect the excess nail polish on the surface of the water for easy clean up.


Made a mistake? Not happy with the colours? You can use nail polish remover to tidy your bauble or start again!


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