DIY Oven Baked Clay Magnets

Here’s a little bit of light in the middle of a nightmare week.

These were made using 2 packs of Kmart Australia $3 oven-bake clay. I’d love to say it was a great craft activity done with the kids, but sadly my boys aren’t really into craft (Ted’s really little though - there’s still hope!) On plus side, with a house full of boys we don’t go through too much toilet paper 😬🤣 I first saw these on Pinterest from the Burkatron blog - I loved the colours she used (all natural).


  • 2 x Oven Bake Clay $3 per pack Kmart Australia
  • Glue gun
  • 7 x Round strong magnets. I bought 2 x 4pk of Snap! Strong Magnets $8.48 per pack from Officeworks. The small ‘Mighties’ magnets (also Officeworks) may work too and are much cheaper at $5.96 for an 8 pack. The only reason I didn’t use these is because the magnet is much smaller - I didn’t want to risk it being a swallow hazard with Ted still being so little.
  • Two packs of clay made 7 rainbows, without using any of the black or white clay included in the pack (plus a few off-cuts of the coloured clay).
  • The locker is the $30 Short Locker from Kmart Australia - I use it to store Lego but it would also be a good size for kids craft things 👌🏻


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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