DIY Pantry Stock List

My husband told me I was getting a bit neurotic when I created this. But I think what tipped him over the edge was when I rationed his flour for the pancakes he wanted to make for breakfast 🤣😳 Maybe that was a bit extreme, but as the meal planner and chef in our house, I’m the one usually at the supermarket. And let me tell you IT’S A GODDAMN JUNGLE out there in 2020. Finding flour is about is as rare as a finding a roll of 3 ply right now.

We’re trying to limit our trips to the supermarket, whilst also trying not to stockpile. To do that, it’s important to know exactly what you’ve got in your pantry. Seeing it on paper (or vinyl) gives you a really good sense of what you’re working with and allows you to plan your meals with what you’ve already got.

When I decided to set up a pantry list I did a bit of thinking about how I wanted to use it. I toyed with the idea of writing quantities down against each item. But then I figured it would be too difficult to maintain (who wants to adjust the quantities every time you use a Tbsp of something?!) So I came up with a simple traffic light colour coding system to show me at a glance what I have on hand and what’s running low/out. A dot in front of the item reflects the volume - if it’s white  then we have sufficient stock; yellow means we’re starting to run low and red means we’re either very low or out of stock.

Ready to Go Pantry Stock Lists are available in the nestï store!

If you don't want to DIY, you can purchase our printed Vinyl Chalkboard Stock List in the nestï store. Here are the Ready to Go Pantry Stock Lists:

Ready To Go nestï Pantry Stock List

Needed for DIY:

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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