DIY Kids Toy Storage

Play + Put Away

Who else hates the relentless packing away of toys?! Seeing toys in every room of the house at the end of the day sends my eye twitch to Olympic levels.
I decided to sort the toys and store them with a bit of order to encourage the kids to play and then pack away (hahahah 😐) An added bonus is that when my preschooler asks me for a very specific toy he hasn’t touched for over 2 years, I can find it quickly without wanting to stab myself in the eye with a pointy piece of Lego.


I got my Ikea items (plus a whole lot of other stuff 🤫) delivered for $49 - a win for the lazy 👏🏻👏🏻

Sort through your kids’ toys, work out what general categories of things you have and then choose the tub size based on the number of toys. Add the stickers to label your tubs 🙌🏻


This Ikea STUVA/FÖLJA Bench doubles as a window seat AND toy storage 👌🏻 $114 plus $19.99 for the HEMMAHOS bench pad. It fits all the bigger, bulkier items that don’t fit in the storage tubs. Plus, it’s a comfy spot in the playroom to watch the kids play while drinking your 11th cup of coffee.


Disclaimer: this picture is not an accurate representation of the state of this room 98.9% of the time ✌🏻

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