DIY Propagation Station 1 - Copper Stand


Despite being badly neglected, my indoor plants seem to be doing remarkably well - especially my Pothos plants (Devil’s Ivy). This is probably because:

  1. They’re pretty much idiot proof to grow; and 
  2. My husband is a much more diligent plant parent than me 😉

If (like me) you’re a bit useless at remembering to water your plants, check out my “Things I Love” post from 9 July last year for a list of really hardy, low maintenance indoor plants 🌱 Lots of beauties there. 

I’ve wanted to propagate some plants for a while now and was happy to discover it’s actually not too hard, especially starting with an easy plant like Devil’s Ivy (plus some of my Swiss Cheese Plant).

n e e d e d :

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 Here is my DIY Copper Candelabrum:

And here it is again, repurposed for the propagation station:

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W :

Click/swipe through the reel for the how-to: