DIY Recipe Box

I’ve lost count of the number of recipes I’ve found online, made, loved and then lost. If I’m onto it I’ll bookmark it on the spot, but often it’s an afterthought - usually it’s a desperate scramble a few weeks later to find the right combination of words in Google to hunt it down again 🤷🏼‍♀️ I wanted to find a way to collate all of my recipes (hardcopy cookbook, online, handwritten, magazine etc) - making them easily accessible and easy to maintain.

So I bring you “Our Recipe Box”.

Recipes are filed by category (I choose from breakfast, lunch, dinner, salads + sides, dessert, snacks, baking and entertaining) and then subcategory - this varies based on the category, for example ‘dinner’ subcategories include chicken, beef, lamb, seafood and vegetarian. Sounds fussy but only needs to be set up once. 

I’ve also created an ‘Our Favourites’ page as a shortlist of all of the recipes that are winners in our house. This makes it a quick + easy reference point when you’re looking for dinner inspiration. You can list favourites from your recipe books too - just record the book and page number in the ‘Recipe Location’ column 👌🏻




S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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Note that these steps include the original project materials and not the nestï Recipe Box Project Kit - Decals and Labels.