Dolls House Refurb Hack

I first started seeing refurbs of this $39 Kmart Wooden Treehouse on a Kmart Hacks page at the start of the year. So I bought one many months ago with the intention of turning it into a Bluey house for Ted’s bday.. but I got a bit carried away 😳 Before I knew it, I was meticulously labouring over the floor plan and neurotically styling the miniature decor like a deranged contestant on The Block. While many people spent lockdown this year refurbishing their actual homes, I spent my time obsessing over a miniature house that will likely be destroyed by my two boys within 15 minutes in some type of dinosaur/Monster Truck apocalypse. Which is why I’m gifting this house to my friend for her little girl instead 😅

The real beauty of this house is that you can make it your own. At the $39 price tag it already comes with a selection of furniture, but you can also buy multiple room configurations separately from Kmart for just $9 a set (eg bedroom set, bathroom set, kitchen set and living room furniture). I used several of these for my refurbs.

Many of these things I had leftover from previous projects or things I had in my craft stash. I’ve listed the full price of these items, though often only a small amount is used. If I haven’t listed the price I've tried to find an alternative for you.


*Note that supplier prices listed may differ from the time this article was published.


Here is the original house:

And here is my refurbed house:


Watch this video for a full tour:




S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W :

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