Ikea Kitchen Shop Flip

This Ikea Australia DUKTIG play kitchen has been a hit in our house for a few years now and has served up many unusual concoctions (broccoli ice-cream, anyone?)

Recently I saw a post from the amazing Play At Home Mummy about how she had transformed the back of her play kitchen into a play shop. So clever - a brand new place space for the kids without needing more space or more “stuff”. My kind of project ✔️

Lachy & Ted’s General Store: serving up ‘cinos since 2019 🥛☕️


  • Kmart Vinyl Adhesive Chalkboard Roll $3
  • Kmart Natives Tea Towel x 2, $3 each (optional)
  • American Crafts Subway Alphabet Stickers $5 at Spotlight
  • White POSCA pen, 0.7mm $3.94 at Officeworks
  • Kmart A-Frame Chalkboard $4 (not pictured, but an alternative option to the General Store sign I made)

S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

  1. Stick your vinyl to the upper and lower back panels. Work the vinyl from the centre to the edges of the panels to reduce the chance of bubbles.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut the vinyl directly along the edge of the panel. Remove the excess vinyl.
  3. Place the tea towels over the rod so that they’re folded in half and tack them together using a needle and white thread. This doesn’t need to be perfect - just enough to catch the two sides of the tea towel together over the rod. If you were a stickler, you’d remove the rod and the do this step with a sewing machine but, well, ain’t nobody got time for that.
  4. Stick on your letters for the items for sale.
  5. For the General Store sign, I laminated the back of a cute little Hape wooden kitchen toy we already had. But you could just put one of Kmart’s A-Frame Chalkboards ($4).
  6. Design your sign (I did this myself on Illustrator but Canva would work just as well and is free). Print your sign fit the chalkboard dimensions.⠀
  7. Place your print out on top of the chalkboard and trace over your design using a sharp pencil, pressing down firmly enough to leave an imprint. You should be able to clearly see your design when your remove the paper.
  8. Using the POSCA pen, trace over the imprint and fill.
  9. Order your coffee (then probably go make it yourself 🙄)
  10. Swipe for the non-curtain option (a little more unisex)


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