Placemat Door Sign Hack

Remember when you were a kid and you tipped your mum so far over the edge she’d forget your name when she was trying to tell you off - calling you your sibling’s name, your dad’s name, the dog’s name, the cat’s name and then - finally - your name? By then it‘d lost all of its impact and no one could remember why you were in trouble in the first place.

Never forget your kids’ names again, with these handy bedroom door signs.
This is a super cheap (under $10*) quick and easy hack using a simple but gorgeous placemat as a door sign.

Bonus:  the placemat is reversible, with a lovely blush pink on one side and natural look finish on the other - options for everyone 🙌🏻


  • Kmart Australia Blush Pink Reversible Placemat $3
  • Name decal sticker. I made my own using my new 3rd child - my Cricut machine! But you can buy these customised stickers in plenty of shops online at Etsy for anywhere between $2 and $8 depending on the shop, size and colour of your sticker. My stickers ranged between 14 cm - 20 cm depending on the name and my personal preference. To find them on Etsy, use the search words “name decal” and under “Filters” set the location to Australia. That way you’ll get the cheapest and fastest delivery as it will be local. I ❤️ Etsy!


If displaying the natural look side, you can sand away the pink edges if you like. I did this quickly using an electric sander but you could do this by hand with a fine-medium grit sandpaper.

Feeling arty? You can paint your letters on these boards instead of using a decal - just make sure you use an oil based paint (especially if painting white). It will take longer to dry but the white will be much bolder 👌🏻

*total board cost will depend on your sticker choice. See my comments about stickers above 👆🏻



S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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