Rainbow Wall Hanging

Rainbow Wall Hanging

These are super popular on Etsy, plus there are so many tutorials for making these rainbows on Pinterest that I’m actually really late to the party making this one!
This is such a nice gift to make for a new baby or young child’s room ❤️ You can choose your colours and use yarn, wool, twine or fabric strips to make this little beauty. My knitting skills are atrocious, so it was really satisfying to use yarn without wanting to hurl it at the wall in frustration 😅


  • Cotton rope (2m). I used Birch Piping Braid 12mm (Natural) $4/m Spotlight
  • Wool/Yarn. I used a 4pk of Moda Vera Ombré Delights (Pink) 50g yarn $11.90 Spotlight (currently on sale) plus some cream coloured yarn I already had
  • Wire(I used 1.25mm wire from Bunnings Warehouse Australia $7.50)
  • Cotton - I used white
  • Strong/thick needle
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors


Steps To Follow

Click through the reel for the "how-to"