Tree Ornament Makeovers

It’s tempting to want to change your Christmas tree’s colour scheme each year to follow seasonal trends. But ornaments can be expensive! And I hate waste.

I have a collection of white and natural (wood) ornaments, which always form the base colour scheme for my tree each year. Beyond that, I have a selection of ornaments that can be “made over” - easily painted or changed in some way. Then I just add coloured baubles from Target in a range of more seasonal colours. These are cheap but also have many colours that I reuse each year anyway.

Last year I made a selection of ornaments that I loved. This year, I gave many of these a simple makeover to go with my colour scheme for the year - more natural colours.

n e e d e d :

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Last year's DIY ornaments:



This year's ornaments with makeovers:


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