DIY Rattan Bedhead Makeover

After my sideboard makeover I decided to give the sander a rest for a while 🤣 But I couldn’t resist this queen bedhead, an absolute steal for $20 on Gumtree Australia . I’ve been coveting a rattan bedhead for a while now, though the cheapest I could find was $599 with prices up to $2,000 😳 I wanted it for the ensemble in our guest room, so when I saw it at that price I knew it had to be mine.

Once again I purchased a roll of rattan from Camberwell Cane who are really fantastic. They posted my order out on the same day and provided great advice & tips. Also, they ship Australia wide 🙏🏻

This project was fun, easy and much cheaper than a brand new purchase. The total cost in the end came in at $189.49 (excluding my tools and the $20 rattan delivery fee) 👊🏼👊🏼


  • Bedhead. Mine was queen sized, $20 on Gumtree Australia
  • Rattan. I bought Platinum Grade A+++, 1.5m, at $94.60 per metre, 45cm wide. Yes platinum rattan is expensive, but it is really excellent quality and lots of craftsmanship goes into the weaving Camberwell Cane
  • Wax. I use Aussie Furniture Care Clear Wax (250g tub). You can find it at Catch for $21.95
  • Staples. I used my Ozito electric staple gun and 16mm staples. My model is no longer available but you can buy one that does up to 14mm staples from Bunnings Warehouse Australia for $39.98 (link in bio)
  • @ryobiau Palm Sander. This bad boy is my favourite tool. It’s lightweight and easy to use but it packs a punch and gets into tricky corners. $79.98 Bunnings Warehouse Australia (link in bio).
  • Flexovit sandpaper for the sander. I used 80 grit to strip it back then 180 grit for a smooth finish.
  • Scissors
  • A flat head screwdriver.
I wanted to boost my bedhead to make it taller, so I needed a few extra things:
  • Wood glue. I used my Tarzan’s Grip Wood Glue, you can find it Bunnings Warehouse Australia for $7.25
  • 32 x 6mm Dowels. I purchased a 100pk for $4.84 @bunnings
  • Wood. I purchased a 140x30x1200mm piece of pine for $15.50 Bunnings Warehouse Australia
  • Clamp (you can get these @bunnings for a few dollars)
  • Hand saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil


S T E P S  T O  F O L L O W

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