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Nesti Home Shopie Brown

Hi! I'm Soph, welcome to nestï.

I started nestï in 2019 as a passion project after the birth of my second babe.  Being back in the baby bubble at home made me feel really nesty (well, mostly tired...but also nesty!) I really wanted to reconnect with that creative part of myself again, but I knew that with limited time I needed to make things that would be helpful in our home or just look great and save us money.

After sharing a few of my projects I discovered there were people who wanted to make them at home too, but they needed a few extra bits to complete the project. There were also followers who didn’t want to make the project themselves - but they did want the end product. And so the nestï store was born - a mix of DIY Project Kits to complete a selection of nestï projects, plus a small but growing number of Ready to Go products. It’s been an unexpected but exciting offshoot for nestï!

I love to make things that are appealing but also functional. Often the way I set out to choose a project is to resolve some kind of challenge or obstacle, for example to make something inexpensively myself; to make a gift more personal or to get organised.  I hope you find something that can save you time, help you organise your space or just something that you love.

Thanks for stopping by!