FAQ: Stock List Chalkboard Sticker


What surface can the Pantry Stock List be applied to?

The Pantry Stock List can be applied to most smooth and flat household surfaces such as plasterboard, PVC cabinets and glass. Walls should be painted with at least 2 – 3 layers of good quality paint (ideally gloss or semi-gloss).

The Pantry Stock List should not be applied to the following:

  • Surfaces painted with matte-based paints that are resistant to dirt and grime, which are difficult for the vinyl to adhere to (eg Wash & Wear paints)
  • Heavily textured surfaces like bricks or concrete blocks
  • Wallpaper
  • Surfaces with heavily textured paints
  • Loose paint, damaged surfaces, cracks or inconsistent surfaces.
  • Areas prone to condensation such as walls surrounding cooling units, water pipes, overhead windows, or any water pipes that could drip on the vinyl adhesive.


I’ve just painted the walls. Is it OK to apply the Pantry Stock List?

 All air-drying paints should be allowed to sit at near room temperature and humidity conditions for at least one week (7 days) prior to application of the Pantry Stock List. This is a general recommendation: please refer to the paint manufacturer’s instructions for actual curing time of the paint. We note that some paints can take several weeks to fully cure.

 Walls should be painted with at least 2 – 3 layers of good quality paint (ideally gloss or semi-gloss).

 It is the responsibility of the end-user/applicator to ensure all painted application surfaces have been processed and cured per the paint manufacturer’s requirements.  Failure to follow paint manufacturer requirements can lead to application failures and/or removal problems.


How do I install the Pantry Stock List?

  1. Dust the application area with a dry rag or microfibre cloth. Avoid wetting the surface if possible. If more extensive cleaning is required, we recommend cleaning with Sugar Soap and waiting 24 hours before applying the Pantry Stock List. The surface must be completely clean and dry before application takes place. Please refer to the FAQs above for information about surface treatment.
  1. Before installing the Pantry Stock List, unroll it and lay it flat. Allow the material to relax and reach room temperature for at least one hour prior to application.
  1. Place the Pantry Stock List on the application surface in the desired location with the backing liner still attached. Adjust it until you are happy with the placement. Tape it to the wall with masking tape. Mark the top edge and ends of the art on the wall lightly with a pencil to aid with placement during installation. Remove the Pantry Stock List from the wall.
  1. Slowly peel away the backing liner at the top of the Pantry Stock List, using care not to stretch the film. Remove only the top part of the backing liner at this point.

NOTE: Remove the liner from the Pantry Stock List rather than the Pantry Stock List from the liner.

  1. Position the Pantry Stock List in the marked location, applying the top of the Stock List to the application surface. Use a dry cloth such as a tea towel to smooth the Pantry Stock List onto the application surface, working from the centre out toward the edges to keep bubbles from forming.
  1. Continue to peel away the backing liner and apply the Pantry Stock List to the surface until it is completely adhered to the surface, continuing to work from the centre outwards using the dry cloth.
  1. Rub a plastic squeegee or the edge of a credit card over the entire Pantry Stock List at least five times, using strong pressure to ensure the Pantry Stock List is fully adhered to the surface.


How do I remove the Pantry Stock List?

The removable adhesive makes the Pantry Stock List easy to remove and even relocate if desired. Gently peel it back at a 120 - 180 degree angle from the surface when ready to remove.

Although not necessary, you may it helpful to use heat to soften the adhesive making it easier to remove. This will be most beneficial where the sticker has been in placed for a longer period of time. Simply use a hairdryer to gently heat the Pantry Stock List; when it is warm, carefully peel it away from the surface starting from the top.


What can I use to write on the board?

We recommend a water-based liquid chalk marker to minimise the risk of “ghosting” - where marks are left behind after you wipe down the surface. When this occurs, you can still write on the surface but a shadow of previous words is left behind. To remove ghost marks, we recommend using Sugar Soap and a microfibre cloth. Do not use an abrasive cloth/sponge.


How do I clean the chalk writing from the Stock List?

Simply wipe down the Pantry Stock List with a damp cloth.

To remove "ghost" marks (see above), we recommend cleaning with Sugar Soap and a microfibre cloth. 

Do not use abrasives cloths to clean the Pantry Stock List – these can potentially scratch and damage the surface.



Avery Dennison and Style Direct Pty Ltd T/A Nesti do not provide a warranty against damage to the interior wall surface caused by removing film, even if a removable adhesive was used.
Removing a graphic can cause damage where surfaces have not been properly prepared or are not suitable for the application of a graphic. Due to the variety of wall surfaces Avery Dennison Graphics and Style Direct Pty Ltd T/A Nesti cannot guarantee damage free removal. The amount of damage can be reduced or eliminated by following the inspection, cleaning and preparation guidelines provided. 

If the application surface appears stained after graphic removal, it is usually the caused by poor quality paint, exposure to heat and light, migrating particles in the paint, and adhesive residue.